Travel Derogatory Certificate Generator

During the sanitary crisis of the Covid-19, being confined, i decided to use my loose time for develop an app. Like where am i confined, i have a chance to walk in nature around my house, but something block a bit, we need a travel derogatory certificate.

It’s why i decided to develop an app to generate and manage the travel derogatory certificate.

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Open Source

The application code is totaly open source and you can find it out at the address :

No data on internet

All the data from the app, like personal data and attestations files are store on the mobile device, nothiung is going on internet.

Reproduction of the government web app

I have reproduce at the very best the web application of the government, use the sames satas and give the same attestation with the same QR Code.

Light and native

I have develop the app in natif Android code with Kotlin language and i have optimize the size of the app with the tools give from Google to have a very light app, only 7.91 Mo.